The late Barbara Seguin, one of our knowledgeable librarians
If you’ve always wanted to climb your French-Canadian family tree, but don’t know where to start - start with us.
Once you’ve gone as far as you can at home, and with interviews of family members, bring your research to the library and we
can start you on your way to the 1600s and beyond. Our volunteer librarians will show you research techniques and explain
enough French vocabulary for you to begin your journey. As many others have found, you may not only encounter
links to French Canada but to ancestors in Acadia, old New England, the British Isles and
various European countries, all through your French-Canadian family.  We have over 5,000 books relating to local genealogy.

Be prepared to be surprised.
Whether you’re just starting out, or adding to years of research, we have resources that may be able to help you.
You'll be able to find out about your ancestors' lives and times and to put some flesh on those old bones.
The NNYACGS library collection is made up of primarily, but not exclusively, of several hundred volumes dealing with
French-Canadian genealogy. Our library includes the major French-Canadian records of
Drouin, Jette, and the PRDH
on CD (1600-1799).  Beside the cemetery records by
McLellan and others from Clinton County, we have the outstanding
resources of
Clyde Rabideau Sr.  Mr. Rabideau has spent years documenting births, marriages and deaths in the
local area. His complete collection of publications are in the library and are for sale so that you can continue your
research at home.
We have marriage repertoires from most Quebec parishes along with birth and death records.
Loiselle Marriage Index, cross-referenced by the names of brides and grooms in Quebec, is of enormous help
to some researchers. We have also started a collection of marriage repertoires from Ontario. In addition, we exchange
from Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts as well as New York.
Considerate members and other researchers have contributed over 400 publications on their own families, some found
nowhere else in the country or on-line. You may be able to find a connection in these. Our file of local Family Group Sheets is
ever-growing and may offer information on relatives who are living in the local area. You're invited to contribute your own
Family Group Sheets to the collection by mail or in person so that more connections can be made.
It's very rare that researchers leave our library empty-handed.

Cooperating parishes have given our volunteer transcribers access to their records. We are constantly compiling area
church records from the initiation of each parish through at least 1925. Some generous parishes have allowed us
to transcribe to an even later date.  The Society publishes these birth, marriages, and death repertoires of
an always-increasing number of local Catholic churches as well as a few from non-Catholic sources.
We recently published the Churubusco, NY church records.  These books are available for sale on-line and at the library.
We are in the process of compiling records from our neighboring counties in New York and Vermont
in which you will find many connections to Clinton County families.   US census records on microfilm are available
for Clinton, Essex, and Franklin and counties up to 1930; as well as those for the Vermont counties
of Chittenden and Grand Isle to the same date.
We have dozens of genealogical discs both commercially and personally produced.  Many of the discs given to us by local
families can be found nowhere else in the country.
Please join us - we know we can help you in your quest.
The telephone number for the Library during library hours is 518-492-4142
Wednesdays 11:00 to 4:00 PM         On occasion - Saturdays 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Check schedule here
All year
Open by appointment for members only (Please give us 2 weeks notice)

Non-members research $5 a day.
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