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I'm looking for Lewis and Ellen Twine of Benson, Vermont.  Lewis'  real name was Louis Thouin/Touin born 1826 and
her name was, I believe, Helene
Couvrette/Couvret.  Her father was Joseph Couvret and mother was Elizabeth
Higgins. Elizabeth was born 1801 in Laval, Quebec.  According to my research, she and Lewis were married in Montreal,
Quebec on May 31, 1853 or 54.
Louis' parents were Jean Baptiste
Thouin and Julie or Angelique Rivit.  Louis and Ellen came to Vermont around 1865 or
70.  Lewis
Thouin died in Danby, Vermont in 1911.  I'm sure you know that Thouin was anglicized to Twine.
I'm also looking for a daughter they had named Melvina
Twine, who is my 3rd great grandmother.  
In the 1870 census, her name is Melvina.  In the 1880 census, it's Vina
Twine.  She later married a William Reed.   
Melvina was baptized in Montreal as Marie Albina
Thouin, born on April 1st 1863.  I'd like to know of any other siblings.
Lewis had 2 marriages.   I think in some way there might be a
Casavant somewhere.   Marcia Stone is Louis' cousin.  They
intermarry a lot,  I believe to keep  it in the family.
It looks that way, so basically I'm looking for a lineage on Louis and Ellen back to France if possible.

Thanks, Michael Paul Briggs  Contact me at
COUTURE - DUCATT - DUQUETTE - LETOURNE                            08/27/06

I have recently been touring upstate New York, the ancestral home of my family -
Duquette and Marie Georgine Couture m. ca 1881 in Altona area/or Dannemora.  
I am most interested in the parents of this Augustus
Duquette who may be another Augustus/Augustin Duquette or
Ducatt who married a Louise Letourne.
What I know is Augustin
Duquette/Ducatt is cited in death records of Mooers Forks, St. Ann's Church, in 1903 with spouse
listed at Louise
Letourne.  However, we have census records repeating Margaret/ or Marguerite and don't know if this is the
same.  Don't know their marriage but believe it Quebec around 1830's.  

Alethea Connolly
BLAIR - BLAIS - GARCEAU - GARSO                         08/01/06

The person I had been tracing for quite sometime is Aurelie
Garceau or Garso.
Her Maiden name would have been Aurelie
Blair or Blais.
1) Born: 1849 Chesterfield, Essex Co.
2) No Baptism record found yet.
3) Married to Augustin
GARCEAU in 1864 at St. Cyprien's Parish in Napierville, Canada
4) Seemed to have settled in the Saranac Township area around 1867.  Had 8 children baptised at
Assumption of Mary Church in Redford. The years ranging from 1867 to 1878.
5) The family shows up in the 1880 Fed. Census in Ellenburg and again in the 1892 census - once
again in Ellenburg.

** Both Augustin and Aurelie were the sponsors at my Grandfather's baptism (Albert
Blair - St. Bernard's church in Lyon
Mountain on 2/21/1888.  However, I could not find either Augustin or Aurelie
Garceau/Blair or Blais after the
1892 Federal Census. Possibly they both remarried or passed away shortly after 1892.

If you have information on Aurelie, please contact Paul Blair at
REDMOND - YORK                                       07/28/08

I am looking for a marriage date/place for Lawrence
Redmond b. 1796 and Sarah York b.1806. I also think that her father
York may have married them. He was a Methodist minister somewhere in New York state.  My early Redmond
family lived in and around Saranac, Peru, and Schuyler Falls.

Any help that you might provide would be most helpful.

Rita Griffin, 1239 South Main Street, Pittsburg, NH 03592       
BUSHEY - TAILLON - TAYLOR - TROMBLE                     6/22/06

I am looking for the parents of Mary Mathilda
Tromble, also known as M. Matilda, or simply MATILDA. She was born, August
18, 1826 in Canada East, according to census records. She married Michael
Taylor 14 DEC 1843, probably in Vermont, since
that is the birth place of both Michael and of their first child.

Taylor family is French-Canadian, their name being an anglicization of Taillon. They are linked with the Trombles
not only through Matilda, but also through Betsy
Taylor, Michael's sister, who married Alexander Tromble.

On the 1850 census for Dickinson Township, Franklin County, NY, the Alexander and Betsy (
Taylor) Tromble and family
are indicated as living with a Joseph
Tromble and family.  Matilda and Michael Taylor and family are the next entry, which
suggests that the two families were neighbors.

It seems likely to me that Matilda is related somehow to both Alexander and his brother, Joseph, either as siblings or as cousins.
If this is true then I could link her to their parents, but I can find nothing to make this connection. Also, in the Civil War pension
records Joseph lists his parents as Stephen
Tromble and Angeline Bushey, while Alexander lists his as Stephen
Tromble and Catherine Bushey. This creates yet another mystery to solve.

Taylor family appears to have left the Catholic church early in the 19th century. They became Methodists in the 1850s;
Taylor became a Methodist minister and missionary among the Mohawks. Family tradition has him translating the
New Testament into Mohawk.

Trombles, too, became Methodists at about the same time. I am assuming that they were previously Catholics, but I
have found no records on any of them. There are plenty of
Trombles out there, not to mention plenty of spellings of
Tromble, but my Trombles seem to have left no trace. And although I have found plenty of census information from 1850
onward, there appear to be no vital records. Mary Matilda Tromble died in 1868 in Dickinson Township; I have found no record of
her burial.

Please help.  Thanks, Ann K. Wright                 

Looking for
ALL MARTIN decedents who have a connection to Clinton and/or Essex Counties of New York State
For the past 3 years I have been working on my
Martin line and would love to share information with any other Martin
descendant.  My 3rd great grandparents were Ignace (Enos)
Martin and Marguarita Patenaude from Lower Canada.  
They migrated to the US through Champlain New York around 1839 and settled in the Chesterfield - Keeseville area of New York
State.  Below is my lineage to this line:
Martin & Marie Angelique Houle (4th GREAT GRANDPARENTS) – 8 children (identified) married 1800 in St. Ours,
Martin & Marguarita Patenaude (3RD GREAT GRANDPARENTS) – 11 children (identified) married 1826 St-Edouard-
de-Napierville, Canada
Martin & Angelique LeFebvre (2ND GREAT GRANDPARENTS) -  10 children (identified) married abt. 1852 unknown
Martin & Eugene Bonin (Benham) (GREAT GRANDPARENTS) - 7 children married about 1884 place unknown
Bonin (Benham) & Francis Doyle (GRANDPARENTS) – 5 children married 1921 Rutland, Vermont
I am researching all decedents of Francois Martin & Angelique
Houle.  Please contact me at if you
have a connection or think you might have a connection to this lineage.
Your posting to the Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society of 5/31/2006had this entry:
Ignace Martin & Angelique LeFebvre (2ND GREAT GRANDPARENTS) -  10 children (identified) married abt. 1852 unknown

I found no record of a marriage, but did find this record of a birth in the records of the Church of the Immaculate Conception of
Keeseville, NY:
Rosalie Martin born 2  May 1853, baptized 18 May 1853 to Ignasius and Angelique LeFebre, witnesses:  Dolphus F, Angelique Aike

If these are your people, it would seem that this is their first child and that they might have been married at the same church.

Hope this helps,  Mike McDonald

Trombley (Tremblay, Tromblee),b. about 1818, d. 1904 Whallonsburg, was a farmer in the town of
Chesterfield in 1876 on a farm east of the John Williams Patent, east of Butternut Pond, southeast of Augur Pond.
He was married to Jane
Mayhew (Mailloux), b. about 1824, d. 1894 in Chesterfield, buried in Keeseville, and has 12
Mary Ann b. about 1843;      Maria b. about 1847;     William b.1848, d.1901 in Willsboro;      Charles b.1851;
Albert b.1854, d.1888 in Chesterfield;     George b.1854;    Joseph b.1856, d. Chester VT;     Nellie b.1858;     Rosette b.1859;
Jedediah b.1861,d.1875 Chesterfield;     Frank b.1864;     Ella b.18367, d.1967 Keeseville.

Contact with anyone who has information about the parents or siblings of Charles and Jane would be most appreciated.  
I have a descendant family tree of their son Joseph who is in my line.  Henry Trombley email:
Charles Tromblay/Tromblee  Married to Sarah Jane/Jeanne/Genevieve Mailloux born 1821 died 16 Dec 1894 age 73 in
Chesterfield, NY buried in St. Johns Cemetery in Keeseville, NY on the 18 Dec 1894

They had 12 children:
1.  Charles Henry - Born 22 July 1851 Bapt. 8 Dec 1853 at St John's Keeseville, NY - Married Louise Young

2.  Guillaume/William - Born 2 Apr 1848 Bapt. 8 Oct 1853 at St John's Keeseville, NY died 1901 in Willsboro, NY married
1. Domitilde Maheu  2. Estella Hathaway

3.  Marie Helene - Born 1859 Bapt. 16 May 1875 at St. John's, Keeseville, NY

4.  Henry Jerimie/Jeddiah - Born Feb 1861 Died 12 May 1875 Buried 12 May 1875 age 14 yrs 3 mos

5.  Joseph Francis - Born 22 Oct 1863 Bapt. 14 Dec 1881 at St John's Keeseville, NY

6.  Helene - Bapt. 30 Apr 1882 at the age 15 yrs at St. John's Keeseville, NY

7.  Albert - Born 1854? Bapt. 7 July 1888 St. John's Keeseville, NY Died 26 Nov 1888 Buried 28 Nov 1888 age 32 Chesterfield, NY

8.  George - Born 1854?

9.  Joseph - Born 16 Aug 1856 Keeseville, NY Married Adelaide Hathaway Died 16 Feb 1927 in Chester, VT

10.  Nellie - Born Jul 1858 NY  Married Edward Blaise

11.  Rosette - Born 1859? NY

12.  Ella - Born 1867 Died 1967 Married William Murphy                   

                                                                                      Gloria Pratt
                                     SMITH                                                                                            4/24/06

My grandfather, Clarence Ross
Smith,  was a green-carded Canadian citizen his whole life in the US.   His father, Rev. James
Smith, was the first Methodist minister in northern New York at Cannon's Corners, but left for Kingston, Ontario, when
his wife died in a fire. What is interesting is that when he went back to Canada, he married a much younger wife and had another
whole family that we do not know about.  We believe they are in Kingston Ontario.
My grandfather stayed behind in Brainardsville.  
I so much want to track down the heritage before grandfather came to the US.

Anyone who knows of or has a connection to these people, please contact Irene Reh at
                      PARADEE - PARIDEE - PARADISE                                               4/23/06

I am helping someone trace a family that we have tracked from Massachusetts back to Clinton County NY in the mid 1800s.  They
appear to be French-Canadian and I am hoping that you can help me by identifying local resources that might pertain to this family
and/or let me know if anyone might be able to help look at these resources.  In particular, I am hoping that there are church
records to help us find the mother’s maiden name and maybe learn where in Canada they emigrated from.

1860 Census, Peru, Clinton County, NY

Paradee, Predor, 27, M, Farm Laborer, Canada
Mary, 28, F, Canada
Matilda, 5, F, New York
Joseph, 4, M, New York
Oliver, 1, M, New York

1869 Beers Atlas lists:  
Paridees, F – Perrys Mill Village

In later records, Matilda states that she is from Denmark/Danemore … I’m taking this to mean Dannemora.  Surprisingly though,
her brother Louis, states that he is from Redford … why would they state different communities in Clinton County?

The 1870 Census, Worcester, MA

Paradise, Frank … Canada
Mary … Canada
Joseph … N. York
Oliver … N. York
Lewis … N. York
Henry … N. York
Maria … N. York
Sallie … N. York
Note:  for the latter 2, the 1880 census lists Vermont … so, their birth place may or may not be in NY

I also noticed in the 1860 and later census, the family of Maris (sometimes it looks like Moses)
Paradee/Paradis/Paradise, about the same age, also in Clinton County … I wonder if maybe Predor/Frank and Maris
are brothers?

Otherwise, the only info I have is that when Frank dies in 1907, his father is listed as Joseph … no mother’s info is given.  I have
yet to find his wife’s death and so have no idea of her maiden name or family.  

Diane L. Richard,     Phone:  919-231-8137     fax: 919-255-9528
                      AUGER - BOULERICE - BRUNET - OSHIER                          4/10/06       

Looking for any information regarding the following family:  Pierre
Auger [Peter Oshier] married a Marie Brunet
between 1870 and 1874.  They were both born in Canada in the decade-1840-50 around the Montreal area.  Their marriage may or
may not have been in northern New York.  Six of their eight children were baptized at the Assumption of Mary RC church in
Redford, NY.  The family resided in the Standish, Clinton County area.  Pierre died in Dec. 1899 and was buried in Standish. Marie
Brunet Oshier remarried around 1905 to widower Antoine Boulerice.  Marie died in 1919 and is buried in Tupper
Lake, Franklin County.  We are particularly interested in learning the parents of this couple.

Anyone who knows of or who has connection to these people, please contact Virginia Mullen  at     

I would like to know about anyone named
Sanders/Saunders/Sanderson who was in the Clinton County region  
after the Revolutionary War til about 1812...other surnames include
Washburn and Kinney, Torrance (Capt

Anyone who knows of or has a connection to these people, please contact me at                      
                             DEONE - ROLLAND - VERE                                                         4/06/06                               
I am searching for information on the families,
Vere or Deone.  My gr- grandmother Elizabeth Rolland went by the
maiden name of
Vere but more often Deone.  She was born in the Dannemora, NY area. I cannot find her birth record either
in the town or St Joseph's church.  I have one record that says her brother was born in Keeseville.

Any information would be helpful.  Contact me at

My Clinton county family connection is thru Pierre / Peter
Fournier and wife Julie/Julia Menard Manor.  Peter
Fournier b. May 1823 or 1825 Vermont, believed to be the son of Pierre Fournier and Archange
Levasseur-Carmel.  She died by 1832 and Pierre married Nivant Archange "Mary" David.  It is believed this couple
moved to Clinton county in the mid-late-1830s.  It is believed that Pierre, the father, died before 1860 in Clinton county, and Mary
David Fournier died 30 September 1892 (Redford Assumption of Mary).

Menard b. April 1830, Canada - parents and siblings unknown; d. 1903 or 1908; buried Old Roman Catholic Cemetery in
Plattsburgh.  Marriage of Peter and Julia about 1848; had total of 10 children in Clinton County.  Peter
Fournier died 30 June
1901; buried in the Old Roman Catholic Cemetery in Plattsburgh.

In 1880, on the census, this family is shown as
Funyer.  A 20-year old William Manor is living with them. In 1884 Peter and
Julie's daughter, Harriet
Fournier married a William Manor.  

The two questions I have would be (1) Is it the same William
Manor as on the 1880 census in the household?(2) Is he related to
Harriet's mother, Julie
Menard Fournier?

Anyone who has a connection to or knows of these families, please contact me at
Connors, Doyle, Ellis, Hogan, McGarr,
Sunset View Farm
Murphy, Gonyea, View, Hinman, NY
Adams, Bezio, Bonin, Martin, Courcelle
Duffany, Stanley
Marsh, Smith
Griffin, Taylor
Mayette, Mitchell
Britt, Tromblee
Baker, Laport/e, Niles
Demarse, Demers
Chouinard, Dandurand dit Marcheterre
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                      MERRILL - TWILIGHT                                                              10/08/06

I am researching the ancestry of America's first black college graduate, Alexander
Twilight.  After graduating Middlebury
Twilight had an illustrious career as a preacher, educator, and state legislator.  According to primary sources, he
was born in Corinth, VT in 1795.  His father, Ichabod
Twilight, was in New York as early as 1783 when he served at Newburgh
in a NH Regt.  According to secondary sources, he married Mary_____ sometime before the birth of their first child, Aaron, in Peru
or Plattsburgh, in 1791. They left for Bradford, VT by 1792.  Alexander taught at the Peru school from about 1823 to 1827.  He
married a Mercy Ladd
Merrill of Unity, NH in 1826 in NY, ?Plattsburgh.  Any documentation of these events or new information
about any
Twilight family members, or their possible connection to the black settlements in Clinton County would be very
much appreciated.
Cartwright, Elroy, Harris, Phillips, Smith,
Sweet, Wilbur
Recor, Ricard, Richard, Joyal,
Ashline, Asselin
Bonner, Stephens
Dore, McKinven, Presseau
Dupee, Rabideau, Lareau, Ives, Patenaude
Bombard, Labombard, LaValley