Joe Ladue
Founder of Dawson City, Yukon
Invitation to the Celebration
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Ladue/Ledoux 12 Generation Chart
Mike and Stanley Ladue
Joseph Francis Ladue III
F. Joseph Francis Ladue II
M.  Hannah Ryan
May 03, 1947
Anita Poissant
F. Hector Poissant
M. Elizabeth Girard
Joseph Francis Ladue II
F.  Joseph Francis Ladue I
M. Katherine (Kitty) Mason
September 14, 1924
Hannah Ryan
F. Michael Ryan
M. Hanna Dwyer
Joseph Francis Ladue
F. Francois Ladue
M. Marie Pelletier
December 15, 1897
Schuyler Falls, NY
Katherine "Kitty" Mason
F. Charles Mason
M. Martha A. Bates
Francois Ladue
F. Gabriel Ledoux
M. Marje Metivier
February 11, 1850
St. Antoine
Vercheres, Quebec
Marie Pelletier
F. Andre Pelletier
M. Charlotte Coron
Gabriel Ledoux
F. Gabriel Ledoux
M. Louise Bonin
July 23, 1827
Vercheres, Quebec
Marie Metivier
F. Jean-Noel Metivier
M. Agathe Jolibois
Gabriel Pierre Ledoux
F. Francois Ledoux
M. Felicite Boivin
January 13, 1800
St. Antoine
Vercheres, Quebec
Louise Bonin
F. Pierre Bonin
M. Marguerite Giard
Francois Ledoux
F. Etienne Ledoux
M. Josephte Bourgand
November 14, 1768
St. Antoine
Vercheres, Quebec
Felicite Boivin
F. Joseph Boivin
M. Claire Audet
Etienne Ledoux
F. Gabriel-Louis Ledoux
M. Marie-Marguerite Monin
August 03, 1744
Contrecoeur, Quebec
Josephte Bourgand
F. Louis Bourgand
M. Marie Meunier
Gabriel-Louis Ledoux
F. Louis Ledoux
M. Marie Valiquet
July 2, 1708
Varennes, Quebec
Marie-Marguerite Monin
F. Gilles Monin dit LaFleur
M. Marthe Richaume
Louis Ledoux
F. Louis Ledoux
M. Marie Provost
March 20, 1679
Montreal, Quebec
Marie-Nicole Valiquet
F. Jean Valiquet
M. Renee Loppé
Louis Ledoux
Le Mans, France
Marie Provost
Invitation to the Celebration
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