In the past 20+ years
Have you ever been to a sporting event that was videoed by Calvin
Castine or a Home Town Cable volunteer like Sam Castine or Bill

Were you the hometown hero who was filmed winning the game in the
last few seconds?

Did you ever have a family member interviewed by Gordie Little or the
late Bob Venne?

Was your child's recital or concert captured on tape?

Did you attend a graduation or other special event where their cameras
were rolling?
Did you ever wish you had a copy of the tape to
relive the moment?
Calvin Castine has them all
If they were caught on tape, these priceless pieces of your family
history are still available to you

You will get the complete disc or tape of the event

- Relive your glory days
- See who was in the audience
- Hear the roar of the crowd - the applause of the audience
- Remember a loved one who may no longer be with you
- See how things have improved in the last few years
- Collect your child's sport or concert history
You can get DVD or tape

Click on the above link to order tapes from Calvin Castine.
Give as much information as you can -
Date, the month, the year
What type of event it was - interview, concert, graduation, sport
Where it took place

i.e. Chazy Soccer final in 1991 or
the NCCS Basketball Championship in 1999 or
the Ozzie Sweet interview in 2004

Each tape or disc is $15.00 plus tax with $3.50 P/H
Give an unforgettable gift
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