Jacob Bourgeois     -    Jeanne Trahan
Jehan Gaudet     ~    Nicole Colleson
Pierre Vincent     ~     Anne Gaudet
Jacques Belou     ~     Marie Girouard
François Girouard     ~     Jeanne Aucoin
Germain Doucet     ~     Marie Landry
Jehan Claude     ~     Marie Salé
Pierre Doucet     -     Henriette Peltret
Laurent Granger     ~      Marie Landry
Antoine Bourg     -     Antoinette Landry
Jehan Bourg     ~     Marguerite Martin
Bernard Bourg     ~    Françoise Brun
Claude Petitpas     -     Catherine Bagard
Pierre Thibodeau     ~     Jeanne Terriau
Pierre Sire     ~     Marie Bourgeois
Vincent Brun    -    Renée Brode
Mathieu Martin     ~    
Germain Terriau  or Emmanuel Hebert   ~    Andrée Brun
Jehan Terriau    ~     Perrine Rau
Claude Terriau     ~      Marie Gautrot
Olivier Daigre     ~    Marie Gaudet
Antoine Babin     -     Marie Mercier
Etienne Hébert     ~    Marie Gaudet
Roger Kuessy     ~    Marie Poirier
Below is a list of the first settlers who established themselves at Port Royal according to the Census of 1671 sorted alphabetically by the
husband.  The older ones certainly knew of Samuel de Champlain and the younger ones were only a generation away from him.   Without
him, they would not have settled the area.  Champlain died on December 25, 1635 and had made many trips between France, Quebec and
Acadia by sea.  Maybe you can claim several of these as your ancestor.  The "Walks With Champlain" project is a devices used to interest
people to seach for their roots in this Quadricentennial Year 2009
To learn more about them on other sites, you may click on each name - both first name and surname.   
Vincent Brot     -     Marie Bourg
Michel Poirier     ~    
Saviniue de Courpon     ~     Barbe Baiols
Antoine Gougeon     ~     Jeanne Chebrat
Etienne Commeaux     ~     Marie Lefebvre
Jean Pitre     ~     Marie Piselet
Pierre Comeaux    ~     Rose Bayols
Charles Bourgeois     ~     Ann Dugast
Barnabé Martin     ~     Jeanne Pelletrot
Antoine Belliveau     ~     Andrée Guion
René Landry     ~     Perrine Bourc
Thomas Cormier     ~     Madeline Girouard
René Rimbaut     ~     Anne Marie
Estienne Robichaut     ~     Wife
Pierre Melançon     ~    Wife
Charles Melançon     ~     Marie Dugast
Pierre Lanoue     ~    
Guillaume Poulet     ~     Wife
Armond Lalloue     ~     Elizabeth Nicolas
HUSBAND                    -                      WIFE
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